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Singapore, 1st June 2010 – Mr. Sim Boon Keng, owner of Botak Sign Pte Ltd says, "Going green does not equate to sacrificing of profit, it adds value to your business".   Botak Sign Pte Ltd one of the biggest signage service bureaus in Singapore has confirmed another order for an additional 8 units of HP Designjet L25500 Latex ink printers and 3 units of Scitex LX800 3.2m industrial printers, to be delivered in July 2010. With this order the total number of latex inkjet printers owned by Botak Sign  is 18 units of Designjet L25500 and 3 units of Scitex LX800 3.2m industrial printers. The initial 10 units installed two months earlier are now in full production. Being a strong advocate for the green message, the Latex printers come just in time for Botak Sign. “Many people do not realize the benefits of going green, especially in the solvent printing industry”, comments Mr. Sim. Imagine an environment full of VOCs and your workers who have to work in those environments. Imagine the long term health problems. “In business point of view, it is obvious; when you go green your customers will know naturally, this is strong reason why I am taking the green message further in signage printer”’ says Mr. Sim.    Another aspect that Mr. Sim thinks is important is - waste. The Latex inkjet printers themselves comes with eco-friendly ink, but the biggest killer in the digital printing industry which most people do not realize is wastage from reprints and rejects because of colour inconsistency. In this area, Botak Sign has engaged Intro-Sino technology who has been supporting Botak Sign for the last 15 years to resolve this problem. The problem with many signage printing companies is the inconsistencies in the printing process, resulting in much guess works and non-repeatability in printing jobs, thus wastage! Intro-Sino Technology will be working closely with Botak Sign to eliminate this problem area, and is confident that this will result in better bottom line in term of profit. The New HP Latex Inkjet Printers  HP Latex ink is a new technology developed by HP. It is totally free of VOCs and environmental friendly. Prints from these printers can be literally be installed in any environment, including hospitals, inside shopping centres, indoor events, etc without people suffering from VOCs omitted by conventional solvent printers. “Customers value your products when they enjoy the benefits”, Mr. Sim concludes.
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Botak Sign Pte Ltd
1st June 2010
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