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Wide Format Processing and Printing Solutions
Localised Software Training for Onyx Products
or call us at: (65) 6338 1617
Learn to properly configure and operate your ONYX software and maximise your productivity Increase the rate of product adoption Improve product skills Get new hires up-to-speed quickly Product knowledge increases efficiency and helps with problem solving Learn to use the products and features more efficiently Minimize downtime by increasing product knowledge INTRO-SINO offers flexible training solutions that will fit into your schedule and budget  On-site trainings Off-site classroom training Scheduling and Pricing To schedule your localised training or obtain pricing, contact our staff at 6338 1617 or sales@intro-sino.com.sg
Onyx Graphics
Localised Training and Consultation Solutions That Improve Your Skills and Maximise Your Productivity
Maximise your workflow by participating in our training courses or having a trainer on-site. Knowledgeable, well-trained support engineers show you how to utilise the software to its fullest potential and help you automate time-consuming tasks which maximize your production. Alternatively, you can enquire from ONYX about their Professional Services and Training.
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