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Preventive Maintenance
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Regular maintenance ensures productivity
Type of maintenance
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Ever experienced the frustration of having a file not printing as it suppose to be printed and having invested heavy in a printing systems and having it breaking down more than it suppose to? Anyone who has gone through such experiences can relate to how much downtime and inconvenience all this can cause. With that said, though software & printers have evolved at a tremendous pace over the last few years, the lack of maintenance has been the major cause of diminishing productivity in many production houses. This speaks more truth with the HP Latex printers. The fact that print quality, whether the drying is even depends a lot in the airflow systems. A qualified technician is required to strip down the printer and individually cleans the fans. Make no mistake - you can call for repair when the fans break down, but HP does not service if the rotation of the fan is deteriorating, nor HP will do a through cleaning of the printer during regular repair works. We are pleased to announce that we now have an offering which is designed to minimise such failures from happening in the first place. "Prevention is better than cure" – this is the basic guiding principle behind Intro-Sino’s Maintenance and Premium Support Programmes (MPSP).
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How does it works?
Our new Maintenance Programmes are comprehensive packages designed to keep your printing system running in smooth & trouble-free manner with lesser breakdowns. We offer you a combination of both preventive maintenance & on-call support. How do we track our customers’ equipment? Every time we installed or service an equipment, it is entered into out CRM system and it will be tag as a customer’s asset and will be tracked. We will be able to keep track of all service done by our technicians and if we know about the warranty of the equipment, it can be track and we will be able to notify you whenever the warranty is up for renewal.
Programmes’ offering
 DESIGNJET L-Series (Latex) 1. Cleaning & greasing of carriage railings 2. Platen cleaning 3. Vacuum cleaning of electronic box 4. Cleaning of ink tubes 5. Cleaning of service station 6. Cleaning of exterior covers, housings and frames 7. Diagnostic testing DESIGNJET LX-Series (Latex) 1. Cleaning of carriage railings and IGUS 2. Cleaning of printhead carriage surface and contacts 3. Cleaning of service station 4. Cleaning of line and media sensors 5. Cleaning of electronic and electrical box, including filter 6. Cleaning of curing fans, frames and reflectors 7. Cleaning of ISM and pinch-wheel assembly 8. Cleaning of tension and feed rollers 9. Gear lubrications and other feed rollers 10. Cleaning of platen and sub-tank cabinet 11. Diagnostic testing and calibration tension roller 12. Cleaning of exterior covers, housing and frames
Purchase contracts
Purchase Contract / What if I face an unexpected issue? If you are interested to purchase the contract or should existing contract holders face any sort of software issue, you could contact us using following means: 1. Call our office at: 6338 1617 2. Contact our technical staff using this link: Technical Department 3. If you would like to know more details about our offerings or service, download our datasheet for Designjet or Scitex printers.
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