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Positions available: Machine Repair and Maintenance Technicians Colour Management and Software Support Customer Service Coordinator Sales Executives
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INTRO-SINO TECHNOLOGY is looking for dedicated people with relevant experience to strengthen its existing team. INTRO-SINO TECHNOLOGY has more than 20 years in providing top grade and service to the graphic art and signage industry. We know that a dedicated workforce, with everyone able to work independently is crucial to the company. With this in mind, we have in place work benefits that comprises of short, medium and long term in nature. Every workers regardless of job scope or position is regarded as partners in the company. If your are interested to join our team, please feel free to talk to us.     
*1 Depending on job scope and description *2 Terms and conditions applies and depending on company’s performance.
Employment Benefits and Perks: All employees during training and probationary period, will starts with the minimum benefit guidelines stipulated by Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM). Once employment is confirmed, all employees will starts to enjoy the available benefits. SHORT-TERM Salaries, commissions, allowances, etc.1 Year-end bonus Incentive and staff bonding holiday trips MEDIAN-TERM Bonuses2 o Performance bonuses o Loyal service reward programmes LONG-TERM Incentive saving plans Promotion opportunities based on capabilities, leadership skills, work attitudes and not seniority
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