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Worldwide leading RIP software for chemical-free film production Filmgate 8 is the worldwide leading RIP software for chemical-free film production using inkjet printers for screen printing, offset printing, flexo printing and pad printing in high-end quality.   Overview advantages: Solution for comprehensive pre-press using digital printing systems Consistent reproducible results and maximum reliability in production process due to unique ColorGATE MIM (media ink metamode) technology End-to-end, reliable processing of composite PDF (PDF/X4) and separated PDF files Predefined screening sets and linearizations for all popular inkjet printer series and screen rulings (up to 180 lpi) Innovative, integrated screening technology for almost any application area: PostScript, AM super cell screening, FM stochastic screening, hybrid screening Effective algorithms for moiré-minimization Full support of an unlimited amount of spot colours; individual sets and screening settings also definable for spot colours Highly efficient ICC colour management for colour-correct In-RIP separation Optional modules available such as the In-RIP-Trapping Module TRAPM Also available as complete package for film production: – Inkjet printer, ColorGATE RIP software Filmgate 8, linearizations and  corrections of tonal values – Adequate film material: CG Screenfilm is the ideal daylight media for high-end screen printing production.
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For Productionserver 8, Filmgate is available as optional Filmgate Module FGM: The ideal solution for digital colour printing production and film production on suitable inkjet printers. Productionserver 8 in combination with Filmgate Module, Computer to Screen Module, In-RIP-Trapping Module and Screen Print Proof Module in addition covers CTS applications or production of colour and screen/dot-accurate digital proofs. Service Request Contact Us Home About Us Support Contact Us